Elsi Rizvanolli and Andri Ibrahimi founded the project Tirana Trails in Tirana around 2017; they started off with an idea: they asked themselves “The city of Tirana is actually not that big, and it has amazing outdoors all around – why are these rural areas not accessible to walk for city dwellers?” Step by step (literally), they walked around the hills surrounding Tirana, spoke to local communities and outdoor tour operators, and researched other similar projects.

Their idea was validated and, with the support of strategic partner the "Tirana Municipality", and others like "Partners Albania" and the "Agency for the Support of Civil Society in Albania", Tirana Trails took off.

Tirana Trails is a project that aims to mainstream hiking for Tirana dwellers and beyond, by building a network of hiking trails around the city of Tirana, and by promoting their use. The soft hills, the ancient villages, the olive groves, the vineyards, the Mediterranean scents, the imposing castles, the caves, the forests, the lakes, and the idyllic views, offer unused opportunities for the socio-economic development of rural and urban Tirana. The network of trails is made up of at least 15 different day-stages, which connect the villages of Dajti, Shtishtufina, Farka, Lundra, Mulleti, Petrela, Baldushku, Arbana, Vaqarri, Ndroqi, Kashari, etc.

Check out all our trails in the maps below.