Elona Voci

Elona is a tour guide from Tirana, Albania. She has a degree in Tourism Management, and has tour guided all over Albania. She is passionate about outdoors in Albania and loves to show visitors from around the world about Albania.

Andri Ibrahimi

Andri engages with the communities along Tirana Trails and manages the implementation of this project. Andri co-founded Tirana Ekspres, the alternative art space of Tirana, which assists the underground art scene of the capital city, and is the organization behind Tirana Trails project.

Enxhelina Harizi

Enxhi is a tour guide from Baldushk, near Tirana. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Enxhi loves hiking and being out in nature, especially around the area where she grew up, and loves to show visitors its beauty.

Elsi Rizvanolli

Elsi is very fond of nature and dreams of a day when the rural communities of Tirana can flourish through the development of trails. He has a long experience in civil society in Albania and abroad, including trail development projects. Elsi manages the technical part of Tirana Trails, and seeks partnerships and funding for the project.

Rea Leka

Rea has a degree in business informatics and is passionate about online marketing, which is why she represents Tirana Trails on online platforms. Her love for nature took her to this project. Rea has been a part of Tirana Ekspres, the organization behind Tirana Trails, since 2017.