(Arbanë-Budinë-Zhullimë-Papër trail)

The starting point is Arbana village, directly after the Mustafakocaj neighborhood.You can get there by public transportation the Tirane- Baldushk bus line.

The end point is right in the national road, Paper village (SH17). There are two ways to get back to Tirana: either with local minibuses or random taxis around.   

 Treasure of Vrap

The Albanian treasure discovered in the village of Vrap, is one of the most important collections in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Located next to other famous collections "Avar Treasure" of Vrap has attracted the attention of well-known scholars who even today have not been able to give an accurate answer to the many mysteries that this Avar treasure holds in its history.

The monument of Shën Koll

The monument, located in the village of Shën Koll, was erected in memory of the bloody battle against the German Nazis undertaken by the Peza band. The work is realized in poured concrete.