The starting point is the neighborhood Mustafakocaj of the village Baldushk. You can reach that point with the bus line to Baldushk, which you can take from the terminal of buses at the Student town in Tirana. There is also a cafe at the starting point. You walk on a gravel village road across some cultivated land, and then on the side of hills, by the small river Zhullima, until you reach the village of Vesqi. At the last neighborhood of this village there is a small shop where you can also get water.

After Vesqi the road is gravel only, and it keeps following the flow of the river. At the point where our road departs from the small river, it veers to the right and goes uphill in a forest of pine trees. Later on, the gravel road turns into a trail, until it reaches the village of Shenkoll (Saint Nicolas). There is an obelisk in the center of the village, commemorating an event from World War 2 - the massacre of Shenkoll. There are still residents in the village that witnessed this event.

From Shenkolli you follow the trail to the waterfall of Vrapi, or as locals call it, ‘Black Garlic’ waterfall. It is very beautiful, with plenty of vegetation, around 30 meters high, and with plenty of water even in the hot summer (check out the photos). Afterwards, we go back to the main trail to follow the road towards the village of Vrapi. There is a small cafe in the center of the village, where besides drinks, some food is served (bread, cheese, eggs, salad etc). The village is famous for the Vrapi Avar treasure, which is in a permanent exhibition at the MET Museum in New York. A branch of the Via Egnatia (ancient Roman highway connecting Rome to Constantinople) passed through here.

To return to Tirana you can book a taxi from the cafe of the village.