(Farke-Lanabregas-Shtish Tufina)

The starting point of this trail is in the village Farka, not far from the regiment of helicopters of the Albanian army. You can get there either through the public transportation of the city that leads to the village Shkoza, or through the buses that go to Farka, Lundra or Surrel, which depart from the terminal of buses at the Student town in Tirana. The beginning is along a national road, but very quickly you get off the asphalt, you cross a small creek, and you start an ascending a red earth hill. At the top of the hill you start seeing tunnels, bunkers and military signage - all of this was built and maintained before the 1990s, but is now abandoned. You descend this hill at the village Surrel, and you walk along the beautiful man-made lake of this village.

After the lake, the trails lead uphill again, towards another former military area, with tunnels, bunkers and military signage. When you descend that hill, you end up on the national road that comes from Tirana via the village of Shkoza. At this point, you could either turn left towards the city (there is a regular inner city bus station not far from there), or you can turn right and continue the hike on Bunkers Trail. The national road is asphalt, with a side walk, until the cafe  ‘Starship’, where you depart from the national road to continue on a village gravel road that leads to the lake of Lanabregas. After the lake, the road continues uphill and takes you to the national road and next to the village Linza.

You simply cross the national road and on the other side you take the village gravel road across Linza. You pass by some old stone houses, and under the cable car line of Dajti Ekspres. At the end of the village, where the last houses stand, you take a sharp left towards a road that quickly turns into a trail, which crosses yet another network of tunnels and bunkers abandoned by the military. The trail goes on the crest of the hill, and at some point you can see the hill of the cemetery of Tufina, one of the two biggest cemeteries of Tirana. The trail descends into the main road that leads to the cemetery, where you can take a regular inner city bus towards the center, through Dibra street.