To start off, take the bus to Baldushk village from the terminal of buses at Student town in Tirana. Stop at the neighborhood Fushas of the village Baldushk. You will cross Fushas on a village road and continues on a gravel stone road, which turns into a trail and traverses a beautiful meadow, with wild flowers and grass. There is a creek flowing on the left side of the meadow.

After the meadow you will find an olive grove and the road follows it uphill, where there is a group of houses. The residents of those houses were happy to share water with travelers. There is also an abandoned house there, with an out-of-use old mill (check out the photos and the POI on the map). The trail thereafter leads to the archaeological site of the castle of Dorezi. Local legends say that at the base of the walls there are landing places for ships as the sea levels were reaching the top of the hill in ancient times. From the heights of the hill of Dorezi you get a beautiful view of the lake of Fjolla or Dorezi on the left side, below.

After the hill is descended on a trail on the left side of the hill, there is a village road that goes on the side of the lake, and then leads to the village Peza e Madhe. There are many resting options there: cafes, restaurants etc. You can also take a bus back to Tirana.