The starting point is the national road near the village Ndroq, by the olive oil factory ‘Tre Miqte’ (translated ‘Three friends’). You can get there with a bus departing from ‘21 Dhjetori’ (translated 21 of December) bus station in Tirana’s Kavaja street. At the starting point, you will depart from the national road, and cross the river Erzen through a bridge, and you follow a village road that leads to the mosque of the village Lalm. The trail starts from there, and it crosses a forest of pine trees, and plantations of laurel trees. The trail is mostly uphill, and it leads to the fort of Lalmi. There are very few remains of the old fort, but there are many more recent fortifications, built by the Albanian army before the 1990s.

The fortifications include tunnels, bunkers, trenches and support buildings, all of them not well maintained, because they are abandoned from the army. There is a very good view of the city of Tirana, and the entire valley of Erzen river. The descent from the hill is through a road that leads to the national road and the village of Vaqarr. You can take a bus from the village, or just hail a bus with a Tirana sign.