The starting and end point are the same: the historical village of Petrela. To get to Petrela, you need to get the bus to Petrela from the terminal of buses at Student town in Tirana. From the center of Petrela, you follow stone streets, which turn into village roads, which turn into trails. You walk on asfalt road again, and start an uphill towards the top of the hill of Tefa. At the top you will find a restaurant called ‘Raketa’ - the name comes from an army base where a regiment of anti-aircraft rockets was active. The base is still there, but not active anymore.

At the restaurant ‘Raketa’ you leave the road and walk on a trail, until the village of Shpate. You will find the ‘Cezma e Mamices’ there, a protected monument that is related to the name of the sister of Albania’s national hero Gjergj Kastrioti. After leaving the village, the road is gravel, and it leads towards the national road that passes by the village of Baldushku. After walking to the right for 30 meters, you take another right to get out of the national road. Along these 30 meters you will also find a cafe. After a few minutes the lake of Rrova will appear. This road will lead back to the top of the hill of Tefa, at the restaurant ‘Raketa’, from where you take the same road to go back to Petrela.