The starting point is near the village Maknor, which can be reached through the bus from Tirana to Peza. This bus departs from the station at ‘21 Dhjetori’ (translated 21 of December) intersection in Kavaja street. The starting point from Maknor is a village road that quickly turns into an uphill trail, with dense vegetation of bushes and tall grass. Once at the top, you can already see Varosh from the distance (locals consider this village a neighborhood of the bigger village Ndroq). Once in Varosh, you follow the village road that leads close to the fort of Ndroqi, across ancient olive tree groves. The fort is at the top of the hill, and has a cemetery just outside of its walls.

From the top of the fort you have an ample view of the fields close to the Adriatic sea, including the port city of Durres, the cape of Bishti i Palles, the cape of Rodon, and the entire northern coast. If you turn around, you can see the town of Kruja, the city of Tirana, and even the castle of Petrela. Afterwards, you go back to the main trail, and you follow the village road that leads downhill, all the way to the national road. You can take the bus back to Tirana from the center of the village Ndroq, or simply hail any bus with Tirana signs from the national road. This is a relatively easy trail.