The starting point is the center of the historical village of Petrela, which can be reached with a bus that departs from the bus terminal at Student town in Tirana. Once in Petrela, you need to follow the signs towards the Perqopi settlement, which is beside a red-roofed mosque. The road is gravel, until it reaches the turn to the monumental grave of Persqopi, where it turns into a trail. This grave is well maintained, and has a description in English. We return to the gravel road, and continue straight, and along the way we can see on the right side, up the hill, the remains of the walls of the ancient settlement of Persqopi, which include gigantic stones at the base.

Afterwards, the road leads back to the village of Petrela, to complete the loop. This is a relatively easy trail. You can take the same bus that brought you to Petrela to go back to Tirana, to the bus terminal at Student town in Tirana.