(Tirana-Dajti plateau)

The starting point of this hiking trail is the eastern end of the city of Tirana, so there is no need for intercity transportation - you can either walk, or take an innercity public transportation to get there (Porcelani line L11). At the beginning, the road is paved, and then it turns into gravel village road, and then into a trail. At the village Linza the trail starts going uphill, until the foot of the mountain, where you can find the remains of an old church. At this point the uphill becomes even harder, and the vegetation also starts changing, with tall trees prevailing.

Then you finally reach the plateau of mount Dajti, close to the camp of pioneers. There are many resting opportunities there, like restaurants, cafes, adventure parks etc. On the left side of the building of the camp of pioneers when you are facing it, there are signs of a trail that takes you all the way to the top of the mountain. If you want to simply return to Tirana, you can take the cable car Dajti Ekspres back to Tirana - it is in front of the camp, across the field. Once back down, you can find the innercity bus line Porcelani L11 very near the cable car station.