The starting point is the village of Vaqarr, which can be reached through a bus departing from Tirana’s 21 Dhjetori bus station, or through the inner city bus line L12 that leads to the village of Sharra, very close to Vaqarr. The beginning is of the walk is through houses on a village road, at the foot of the Lalmi hils. Afterwards, when the road is near the river Erzen, you take a sharp right towards the village Allgjata. After Allgjata, the road turns into a trail, and it passes along the lake of this village. After the lake, the trail goes uphill, until it reaches the top, where there is a flat platform. According to local legend, there were the remains of the church of Allgjata until a few decades ago on this platform.

On the other side of the hill the village Kus can be seen, and a little farther to the right, you can see the lake of Kusi. The road down the hill towards the lake is paved. Then you follow the road along the dam of the lake, which turns into a trail, until it reaches the camper station ‘Camping Tirana’ - a place with a magnificent view of the lake and the hills around it, a vineyard all the way to the lake, and with a small haven for small boats. ‘Camping Tirana’ is also a perfect place to rest and get to know foreigners who have decided to visit Albania on their camper vans.

After ‘Camping Tirana’ you follow a village road that leads towards the village Kashar, and goes along the lake of this village, until it reaches the secondary road along the Tirana-Durres highway. You will find there the station of the bus that takes you back to Tirana.