Tirana – Stermas- Petrela

The starting point is the main entrance of the Great Park of Tirana. The road is through the park, all the way to the entrance on the other side, at its southern extreme. You pass the ring road highway from an underpass, and you follow an asphalt road that leads first to the village of Sauk, and then to the village of Mjull Bathore. Later, the asphalt road turns into a village road, and the houses start disappearing, until there are no more buildings. But if you turn around, you can still see Tirana. You go up the hill of Stermas, at the top of which there are several communication towers. The road ends there. On the other side of the hill the trails begin, and Tirana is not visible anymore.

At the bottom of the hill you can discern the village of Stermas, and farther out, you can see the cultivated fields on the valley of river Erzen. In the distance you can distinguish the castle of Petrela, the destination. The descent from the hill is not too hard, and ends up in the village of  Stermas. After this village, you walk on the national road to the right, and you cross a one-way bridge over the river Erzen. After this bridge, you depart from the national road, continuing on a village gravel road, which goes in the middle of cultivated fields. Then you cross a long pedestrian bridge over a creek and you begin the uphill that first leads to the village Zaranika, and then Petrela. From the center of Petrela, you can take the bus to Tirana, which stops at the terminal of buses at the Student town in Tirana.