The starting point is the village Vaqarr, which can be reached either through a bus departing the bus station at 21 Dhjetori intersection at Kavaja street in Tirana, or through the bus line L12 that leads to village Sharra, very near Vaqarr. At the beginning, you follow the national road towards the village Fortuzaj, and as soon as you cross the bridge over river Erzen, you depart from the national road to follow a village road towards a hill. This road continues along the base of the hill, alongside the lake of Damjan, and then turns into a trail and goes uphill. The trail on the hill has a nice panoramic view of the entire valley of the river Erzen.

The trail descends from the hill straight into the village of Arbana, where you can find an obelisk commemorating World War 2 events. From Arbana you can take a bus back to Tirana, this time around heading towards the other side of Tirana - at the terminal of buses of Student town.