This trail is accessible from the city of Tirana and its end point is also in Tirana, so there is no need to take public transportation. The trail starts from the big park of Tirana, at its southern entrance/exit. You will cross the new ring road highway through an underpass, and then you follow the road that leads to the village Sauk. Afterwards, you follow the road to the village Picalla, until you read the top of the hill, where you take a right and continue on the crest of the hill. From here on you follow trails opened by the Albanian army before the 1990s. You will soon encounter tunnels and bunkers, and the first obelisk, along with platforms where anti-aircraft weapons used to be installed. Along the crest you can also view you will encounter at least three more obelisks, and many abandoned barracks and support buildings of the army, along with communist slogans that are still visible.

Throughout the length of the trails you can see the lake of Tirana, the Great Park of Tirana, and the city itself. The trail ends at the southwestern end of the city, in the area of Selita (or the so-called new Tirana). It is a relatively easy trail.