The starting point is the historical village of Petrela, which can be reached from Tirana through a bus from the terminal of buses at Student town in Tirana. The road starts from the center Petrela, descending towards the village of Zaranika, and entering the village road. After crossing the village, you cross a long pedestrian bridge over a creek, and then you start ascending the hill above the village of Vishaj. The hill descends on the valley of Baldushk, where the national road is crossed, where the famous turkey (the bird) market is located. Afterwards, the village road turns into a trail and goes along a hill and along the flow of small river Zhullima, all the way to the village of Arbana.

In Arbana, you follow the road on the feet of the same hill, heading left, and then ascending the hill. Going downhill, the trail leads to the Alltata lake and then across the village of Alltata, and through village roads, until it reaches again the national road of Baldushk, where you can take a bus back to Tirana.