The starting point is the village Stermas, on the national road, where the old Elbasani road intersects with the road to the village Baldushk. You can reach it with one of the buses that go through that point, including those heading towards Baldushk, Petrela, Mullet, etc, and which depart from the bus terminal of Studenti town. After you cross a small bridge, you cross the road protection and you start immediately on an uphill trail under tall trees. At the top of the hill you will find many panoramic viewing points, from where you can clearly see the castle of Petrela and the valley of river Erzen beneath, and on the other side you have a clear view of the city of Tirana. The trail descends the hill and ends up again on the national road, in a neighborhood of the village Mullet.

Then you follow the national road towards the center of the village Mullet, crossing Tirana-Elbasan highway through an underpass. Immediately after the underpass you can see the cultural monument ‘Bride’s tomb’. Legend says that two wedding caravans would not yield each other the right of way in a narrow road, and ended up clashing with each other. One of the brides was accidentally shot and killed. The monument was built in honor of the murdered bride. The road is paved until the village Daias, and then it becomes a gravel village road that passes through the villages Gurra e Vogel and Lundra. The latter is renowned for its many vineyards and wineries.

After Lundra, the village road leads towards Farka, passing the new Tirana ring road highway through an underpass. From there, you follow a trail that leads towards the main road of the village Farka, which you follow until you need to take a left to the lake of Farka. To go back to TIrana you can simply walk from the lake towards Student town of Tirana, or you can take one of the many buses with a Tirana sign that pass through there, and whose destination is the bus terminal at Student town of Tirana.