(Pezë e vogël-Gjyzylkane-Karinë trail)

The starting point is Peze e Vogel at Monolith of Martyr's. You can get there by public transport (bus line Tirana-Ndroq) or (Tirana-Peze e Madhe). Get off at “Monolith of Martyr's” station.

The end point is in the village of Sinemataj at Karine Mosque. There are two ways to get back to Tirana: either with local minibuses or random taxis around.  

Peza, is a picturesque village, full of greenery and history. In the large square that has the dimensions of a large park, is the old house of Myslim Peza, the patriot who was one of the organizers of the famous Peza Conference.

While the old house of Myslim Peza gives this village a historical and tourist importance at the same time, as everyone who comes for the first time, visits the lapidaries and historical monuments in turn taking photos as a souvenir.

The inhabitants of Peza are distinguished for the traditions and values of their character: very generous and hospitable people. Residents are the ones who have mostly tried to attract tourists to the area over the years, for whom they say that Peza does not only offer history.


Focusing on history, what made Peza famous for everyone, in the center of the village, is the recently reconstructed museum, where one can see documents and photographs about the history of the National Anti-Fascist Liberation War (World War Two).

The first National Anti-Fascist Liberation Conference in Europe was held in this village; this is the biggest curiosity for visitors.

This museum is open all year and offers historical facts that have been preserved for decades, from various archives in the country and abroad.

The monument on the top of Sauk hills

This historical monument dedicated to the partisan war during World War Two in the region. The work positioned on the top of the hills of Sauk has the shape of a long pyramid where a star stays on the top.

At the top of Sauk hill, above the artificial lake of Tirana’s Grand Park, stands a monument of the memory of the Second World War. At the height of Sauk hill a cannon was placed and, in the morning, two partisans and an Italian artilleryman took aim and fired on the Palace of Victor Emanuel (today the Palace of the Brigades). The target was reached and not only was the Assembly not held, but also the German batteries located southeast of the palace were withdrawn to the barracks.