Vineyard way

(Peze Helmes-Shesh-Ndroq)

The starting point is the center of the village Peze Helmes. You can get there with the bus of line Tirana-Ndroq or Tirana-Peze e madhe, stopping in Peze Helmes, a little before the intersection to Peza e madhe. The walk does not contain trails, only village roads, and is doable also by bike. The beginning of the walk is entirely uphill, until it reaches the top, where the village Shesh can be found. There are hundreds of old houses there, all of them typical from the area, built with stones. The hill has many vineyards and wineries. In fact, the grape denominations ‘Shesh i bardhe’ and ‘Shesh i zi’ (translated ‘white and black Shesh’) come specifically from this village, where they were developed. From Sheshi you get a clear view of Tirana, Kruja, the castle of Ndroqi, the beach and city of Durres, cape of Rodon, and the entire northern Adriatic coast.

Afterwards, you descend the hill going through the villages of Sauqet and Pinet, which also have well-kept plantations of vines. The walk ends at the village of Ndroq by the national road. To go back to Tirana you take a bus from Ndroq, or hail any bus with a Tirana sign.